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t its process is very rough, poor light transmittance, blurred vision, unable to block ultraviolet light.Children's visual acuity and visual function are in development stage, if put on this kind of quality is poor, often do not meet the requirements of optical glasses, can accentuate the eyes adjust burden, affecting the normal development of the visual function, visual fatigue, myopia and amblyopia.After a long time, there will be jealous, photophobia, and blurred vision, color vision decline Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Canada On Sale Free Shippingand a series of symptoms. ShenTaoPing remind, because the children sunglasses uv filters degrees marked lack of uniform standards, so selling children's sunglasses are on the market does not provide relevant specification, parents is hard to judge.Advise parents to professional eye hospital for the child of choose and buy sunglasses and consult qualified optometrists to related the weather grew hot, the road more and more people like to wear sunglasses, sunscreen and stylish, so sunglasses be
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