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n addition, the sunspot activity in recent years, more and more frequent, lead to ultraviolet radiation is more and more strong, especially in qinghai and Tibet plateau areas in China because of the sunshine time is long, so here are most vulnerable to uv rays, so people living in these areas, in particular, should wear sunglasses. Different lenses have different functions Full of beautiful things in eyes of sunglasses on the market at present, how to identify their functions and advantages anReal Oakley Sunglasses Wholesaled disadvantages?Zhen-ping huang, director of the said, when you choose sunglasses, not only consider beautiful, the most fundamental is to guarantee the safety of the wearer and vision is not damage, reduce glare, clear vision and deformation, uv protection, no distortion of color identification, accurate identification of traffic signal lamp, etc. Here, the first to introduce you to the types of sun glasses: 1, the colored lenses: also known as the dyeing lenses, is in the lens production pro
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