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clean.Don't use nail to remove the lens on the spot.There are grains of sand on the lens, please rinse with water, then dry with glasses cloth or paper. A lot of people like the sun glasses "frame" on his head, but this is easy to pull a bad link.Glasses should be careful, do not wear glasses to be placed when folded, and the mirror face up.Many people will not bother to put glasses boxes, glasses and put it in the bag or pocket inside, so it is easy to make lenses were keys or comb the edges Oakley Sale 2015and corners of things such as scratch, cannot treat STH lightly. Goodger, especially want to remind everybody is, in hot weather, if the sunglasses litter in the car dashboard, sunglasses may heat deformation, especially of plate frame sunglasses, less thermal stability.In addition, cosmetics or whole agent such as chemical composition of cosmetics, also easy to make the frame deformation, discoloration or need timely clean with glasses cloth or paper. And, more importantly, goodger, glasses
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