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t bask in, also can cause damage to the eyes. In bright light the human eye the pupil will narrow, dark pupil will enlarge.Inferior sunglasses uv protection function is poorer, too deep color lenses after wearing lower the intensity of incident light, make the pupil grow larger, at this point is not block uv rays are more likely to damage the eyes, even does more harm than not wearing sunglasses.In addition, the inferior sunglasses were poorly made, tend to have excess dioptre, lens thickness iDiscount Oakley Sunglasses Online Sales different, color is not uniform, the issue such as difference of optical performance.For a long time to wear easily lead to blurred vision, headache, dizziness, vertigo, fatigue, etc., serious still can cause vision loss, etc."Also met clinical allergy in children because of poor sunglasses material cornea, lens leg cut children cases. Experts suggest that parents give children wear while going out on the sunshade wide-brimmed hat with good effect. In the strong sunshine outdoor especially und
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