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nt the sun glasses mainly lenses with PC (polycarbonate), resin lens, glass lenses and other several broad categories.Glass lenses are rarely used, because of easy to be broken, not safe, but not easy to wear.PC is a kind of non-friable lenses, suitable for processing eye movement.With most is resin, light weight, refraction choice is wide, and can be dyed, also suitable for processing or sunglasses.Other TAC (cellulose acetate) material lens, lens nylon material and so on, each have advantages Fake Oakley Sunglassesand disadvantages.Choose the appropriate lens from the security, the transmission of light, wear resistance, whether Angle to consider, such as deformation, optical stability, and so on Each brand in each season there will always be a item make you feel worth buying, for BOLON, personality trend polarized glasses BOLON2570 is attractive enough to let you take it, strong scent after the ancient frame, bright color of the lens, let the unity of strength and beauty.In the summer sun yan yan, you c
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