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wing methods: when the choose and buy sunglasses sunglasses from the purpose can be divided into general sun mirror, light color sunglasses and special-purpose sunglasses (skiing, mountain climbing, beach, etc.) three categories of citizens when the choose and buy sunglasses to undertake choosing according to their own needs.Sunglasses lens is roughly divided into polarized lens, color lens, three kinds of color lenses. General sunglasses when the choose and buy, can first observe the lens coray ban 2132lor, it is best to gray, green, dark brown, colour shoulds not be too shallow, color superficial optical mirror slice resistance is not strong;Second, check the quality of the lens, put sunglasses in about half a meter away from eyes, observe objects under the lens linear distortion is found, that the lens has a deformation, unfavorable buy.Good sunglasses should be marked "protct10n uv - 100", and indicate the execution of the standard number, category, color, frame size, quality levels, produc
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