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ldren dressed as little Eva "boom"."Son wearing sunglasses is for fun, beautiful, there is not much to pay attention to it. Should be"Mr. Xu said. Reporter interviewed many random called children parents choosing sunglasses, many parents say, buying sunglasses for the child care most is "look".But for the unqualified children sunglasses will affect the child's eyes, most parents are not clear.Whether the children's sunglasses on the market there is a hidden danger to the child's eye health?PareFake Oakley Sunglassesnts need to pay attention to when choosing sunglasses for children which measures?The reporter interviewed an eye specialist. Inferior sunglasses very hurt eyes Reporter discovery, children's sunglasses market price difference is big, the wholesale market in some children 10 yuan for a pair of sunglasses, a few hundred dollars while shopping malls, stores in price.Similar style, price difference is so big.Ten dollars and hundreds of yuan where children sunglasses bad?Experts point out that the
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